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Uploading Support Materials

Once you have completed the Entrant Information, Agency Information (if applicable) and Entry Summary for your entry, you will need to upload any Support Materials you want the judges to evaluate. For a description of Support Materials, click here.

All materials must be submitted digitally; no physical samples will be accepted. You can upload as many as 15 individual files as Support Materials or, if you have more than 15 files, you can “zip” or compress the files to be uploaded. For instructions on how to compress files, click here.

Special Instructions

  • Preferred file formats include PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, MOV, WMV, WAV, MP3 and MP4
  • Printed materials can be submitted as PDF or image files (JPG, PNG)
  • Video/audio files should be formatted for Windows Media Player or similar
  • Large format materials (billboards, transit, etc.) can be submitted as PDFs, image files or short video clips (Windows Media Player or similar)
  • Rotating GIFs can be supplied as a collection of individual image frames
  • Flash can be supplied as a link to a URL
  • For static executions (no animation or video), screen shots are acceptable
  • For mobile entries, submit messaging samples formatted for Windows Media Player or similar
  • Whenever possible, provide self-running applications for digital content, websites, email, internet advertising and similar entries
  • For links or sites that are no longer live, a self-contained version of the site(s) should be provided
  • Submit a list of any special applications needed to view creative work, as well as any necessary user names/passwords
  • All foreign language copy must be translated into English. Clear translations must be provided for all work not written in English. Broadcast entries may be dubbed or subtitled in English or include a complete written translation. Foreign language entries not accompanied by translations and/or explanations will not be judged.