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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a VISIT FLORIDA Partner to enter?

What are the entry fees and how do I pay?

  • Entry Fee:  $60 per entry
  • VISIT FLORIDA Partner Discounted Entry Fee:  $45 (save $15 per entry)

Payment is made online during the entry process. VISIT FLORIDA accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. If you have questions regarding payment, email accounting@visitflorida.org.

What is the deadline to enter?
Friday, May 24, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Is there a limit to how many entries I can submit?

Can I submit the same entry in more than one category?
No. However, the various elements of a Mixed Media Campaign entry (e.g. ads, brochures, websites, etc.) can be entered individually into other appropriate categories.

Is it okay to submit multiple entries for the same organization in the same category?
While permitted, it is not recommended. For example, three print ads for Shimmering Sands Motel would be better submitted together as a single campaign entry (in the Print Advertising category) rather than as three individual entries. The exception would be if each of the three ads was distinctly different and clearly designed for different audiences or objectives.

How do I submit t-shirts, hats, flip-flops and other merchandise and three-dimensional materials I want the judges to see?
No physical samples will be accepted; all materials must be submitted digitally online. For large items (e.g. bus wraps, trade show displays) or physical items, submit a photo or short video clip for judges to review.

How do I submit a visitor guide, magazine or other multi-page printed materials?
Submit publications and other printed materials as a PDF file, or provide a URL to a digital version judges can review online.

How do I upload all the files I have for Support Materials?
You can upload as many as 15 individual files as Support Materials. If you have more than 15 files, you will have to first compress or "zip" the files to be uploaded. For instructions on how to compress files, click

Is there a limit to the number of files or size of file I can upload?
Technically no, but bear in mind judges have many entries to review. Within reason, submit Support Materials that demonstrate to judges why your entry is award-worthy.

Who are the judges?
Each year a new panel of judges is recruited. They are all tourism and/or marketing professionals who represent various disciplines and backgrounds. In any given year, it is not uncommon to find the executive director of a major CVB or national association judging alongside award-winning creative directors, designers and writers. Judges are announced at Governor’s Conference. 

Are the Flagler Awards based on results alone?
No. Results do factor into the judging process, but a winning entry is based on much more. Judges consider budget, objectives, strategy, planning, implementation, creativity, results and more, which should all be included in the Entry Summary.

What if I’m not sure which category to enter?
Start by reading the Categories page. If you’re still not sure, email your questions to flaglerawards@visitflorida.org.

Is my entry still eligible if my target audience or budget was very small?
Yes. The size of your target audience or budget does not matter. Each entry will be judged on its overall merit as it relates to marketing strategy, innovative creativity and the entry’s ability to achieve the stated objectives, regardless of audience size or budget.

How are entries evaluated?
Using a 100-point scale, judges evaluate each entry based on two components, each worth 50 points: the Entry Summary and Support Materials. The judges use these two components to evaluate each entry on its own merit. The second and third highest scoring entries will receive a Silver and Bronze Flagler Award respectively, and the highest scoring entry in each category receives Gold, aka “The Henry.”

How important is the Entry Summary?
It’s half of your score. Many very good entries have shot themselves in the foot by skimping on the Entry Summary. A judge might give a gorgeous, full-color magazine ad a perfect 50 points, but those Support Materials are only half the story. If the person entering the ad doesn’t provide enough information in the Entry Summary, it can knock the entry out of contention. 

Why are there character count limits in each section of the Entry Summary?
The judging process is long and grueling, with judges having to read hundreds of pages of documents in a short period of time. The character count limits are there to encourage concise writing and keep each entry summary to roughly two pages of copy total.

It seems like the same people win every year.  Is that my imagination?
It is true that some organizations seem to find their way to the Flagler Awards stage more often than not. But that’s because they enter every year, and in the opinion of the judges – a different set of judges each year, who work independently and have no agendas – they do good work every year. If you don’t enter, it is almost certain you won’t win.

Do bigger companies have an unfair advantage?
No. The judges understand the range of budgets, resources and expertise in a state as diverse as Florida. They are looking for great marketing strategy, results and materials, regardless of whether it was conceived and executed by TDCs, individual consultants, huge theme parks or one-horse towns.  

We’ve entered every year and haven’t won anything.  What’s the deal?
The field of competition and the panel of judges changes every year. What wins one year may not have won in another. What one judge loves, the others may not. There are a lot of variables and the competition is stiff. Just keep trying.

How do I know if I won?
For each category there will be three awards given: Bronze, Silver and Gold, aka “The Henry.”  If you are a winner, you will be notified via email by VISIT FLORIDA. They will provide the necessary details regarding the Flagler Awards ceremony, which will take place during the
2024 Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism (Aug. 28-30) in Tampa, Florida.

What if we want to order additional copies of our Silver or Bronze Award?
Winners (and/or the agencies involved in the creation of an entry) are able to order additional copies of Silver and Bronze Awards. After the award ceremony at Governor’s Conference, contact Kevin Hayworth to order duplicate awards. (386) 677-7000 ext 6 or

We won the Henry Award and think the trophy is awesome.  Can we get duplicates of that?
No. VISIT FLORIDA only produces one Henry trophy for each category each year.