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Entry Summary

The Entry Summary is worth a maximum of 50 points. This is where you tell the judges the story behind your entry and why it is award-worthy. Each Entry Summary must address the following five topics, which are worth the corresponding number of points shown below:

Target Audience (5 points)
Describe for the judges the audience you were trying to reach with your entry and why this audience was targeted. (500 character limit)

Objective (5 points)
State clearly the purpose(s) or marketing objective(s) you were trying to achieve with your entry. Please be specific. (1,500 character limit)

Implementation (20 points)
Here you should describe how you went about developing, creating and implementing the entry. Include details on any strategies, techniques, methods and approaches you used to achieve the stated Objectives and reach the Target Audience. (2,500 character limit)

Results (15 points)
This is where you should describe what happened as a result of your marketing effort. Include results related to the stated Objectives, using meaningful quantitative terms (e.g., response rates; percent improvement; visitor count increases; inquiry increases; increased reader-, viewer- or listenership; press coverage; attendance numbers; economic impact or related data, etc.). To put them in perspective, explain why the results are noteworthy for your organization or industry. (2,000 character limit)

Budget/Cost (5 points)
In this section, briefly provide details about the budget/cost of your marketing effort. Describe how funds were utilized in the design, implementation and measurement process so judges can assess the cost-effectiveness of the entry. (500 character limit)