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  Submission Guidelines

  • Read all the rules and details before beginning the 2024 Flagler Awards entry process.
  • To enter the Flagler Awards, you must first register online. Once you have registered, you can submit your entries.
  • To be eligible, some portion of each entry must have been taken place between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023.
  • All materials must be submitted digitally online; no physical samples will be accepted. Files for Support Materials may be uploaded individually (up to 15) or as a “zip” or compressed file, if uploading more than 15 files. For information about Support Materials, click here. For information about uploading files, click here.
  • You cannot submit the same entry into more than one category. However, individual elements of a Mixed Media Campaign entry (e.g. ads, brochures, websites, etc.) can be entered separately into other appropriate categories.
  • All entries must use “new” materials. To qualify as “new” materials, the copy and content must be completely different from that used in any previous brochure, ad, website, etc.
  • Any entry submitted in the wrong category may be reassigned to the appropriate category for judging.